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Laser 1.02
metafox - 31st August 2013

I went through and tried to get some of the games that I commented out in the last release working. The games that were disabled but are now supported are:
  • Ozma Wars (Set 2)
  • Solar Fight
  • Space Invaders (SV Version Set 1)
  • Space Invaders (SV Version Set 2)
  • Space Invaders (TV version)
  • Space Invaders Part Four

    In addition, there are some newly added games as well:
  • Cosmic Monsters 2
  • Indian Battle
  • Yosaku To Donbei (Set 2)
  • Ultra Invaders

    As a result, 35 romsets are now supported (see README for a full list).

    Source code and a binary for 32-bit Windows is available.

    Download 32-bit binary for Windows here
    Download source here

    Laser 1.01
    metafox - 26th August 2013

    Two releases in two days. It feels like the early years of Laser development again. :) This is just a minor clean-up release today.

    I went through and tested all of the games. I've commented out the games that do not work anymore (many never did) and re-added the game list to the readme. Also, some games have been updated so they use rom names from the latest MAME naming conventions.

    With release 1.01, there are now 25 playable arcade games supported by Laser. See the readme for more information.

    As with yesterday's release, source code and a binary for 32-bit Windows is available.

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