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Laser 1.0
metafox - 25th August 2013

It's been 9 years since the last release of Laser. Much has changed since then, most notably the fact that computers are much faster. Because of this, a frame limiter (from SDL_gfx) has been added. Also, sound is now set as always on. The -sound flag has been removed.

Source code and a binary for 32-bit Windows is available.

Laser-SDL v1.0 Revision 1
ss_teven - 23rd March 2004

This is the first SDL port of Laser. All future development of Laser will be focused on the SDL version. This is to aid with the ease of system portability.

I've released this as source only. Hopefully this will attract other developers to this project releasing binary versions and hopefully additional features.

Any bugs/problems email me. Latest code hasn't been updated to the CVS.

Various Things
metafox - 16th December 2002

Laser is once again a single person project as ss_teven can no longer work on Laser.

I wish ss_teven all the best in his life, and if he ever does decide to come back to Laser, there will be a warm cozy seat waiting for him.

This excellent layout here on SourceForge was made by ss_teven, and it is better than anything that I have ever done. Laser will be moving over here permanently soon.

Laser 0.20a
metafox - 30th July 2002

* MetaFox puts on some programming pants for the first time in 5 months

OK - here's the long overdue release of Laser with the stupid Lupin 3 error I made that was graciously fixed by ss_teven.

Grab it in the Releases page. I'm going to be adding a supported games list as requested by a few people to the page, so I'm going to be running all the games supported by Laser for testing purposes. I'll be fixing bugs as I go along, no doubt. I'll update the DOS port as soon as I'm done with the list.

Laser WIP 6/Sep/2002
ss_teven - 6th September 2002

Check it out! :)

- Steve

Laser Forums
ss_teven - 6th September 2002

Laser forums have moved (again)! Thanks goes out to Sayten for providing the previous bandwidth, your generosity was greatly appreciated. The forums are now hosted up at Sourceforge! Please update your bookmarks.

Laser WIP
metafox - 1st August 2002

Another update to the WIP page. This time, it's an unknown 4 player pong clone cocktail. Check the pictures out to see if you can help me find out what the name of this game is.

Laser 0.19 Pre-Release
metafox - 18th May 2002

I have uploaded my prerelease of Laser. You can get it from the releases section.

Just a couple of things
metafox - 30th November 2001

  • Sega Arcade Project is not dead - it still lives on, and has been merged with Laser, now that Laser has a driver system.
  • Official Laser Message Board. Talk about Laser, it's ports, suggestions, comments, driver additions, improvements, and anything else in there. :)

    Laser WIP
    metafox - 10th November 2001

    The WIP Page has been updated with goodies that you can expect to see in Laser 0.19. :)

    Laser 0.17
    metafox - 26th October 2001

    Thanks to ss_teven, Laser now has preliminary savestate support. Grab Laser 0.17 from the Releases section.

    LaserDC r1
    metafox - 15th October 2001

    ss_teven has released LaserDC r1 (beta1). Some games run too slow, while others run too fast. If a game doesn't run in LaserDC, it's not ss_teven's fault, it doesn't run in Laser DOS either. 33 games are supported in this release.

    Laser 0.16
    metafox - 12th October 2001

    I have decided to dust the cobwebs off of the Laser source code, and release Laser 0.16. As usual, you can download the binary and source, as well as see what's new on the Releases page.

    Laser Has A New Home
    metafox - 4th October 2001

    Laser is now back at it's new location at EmuCamp.

    ss_teven has been working on a port of Laser to the Dreamcast. He has had success with the linux port of Laser, after working on the DOS port to no avail. He states that it is a little slow, but after fixing some graphics errors and making a GUI (a first for Laser in any port), he will release a beta version of LaserDC.

    Laser/SAP News
    metafox - 9th April 2001

    I am working on Laser Again. I have currently moved Laser back to the forefront of my work, because people did not seem to like the fact that the Sega Arcade Project was not coded, and required a plugin.

    So now, I will work on adding more games to Laser, finishing up the 8080 part - and then easing it into a driver based emulator - after that, all SAP games will be available in Laser - and hopefully all its ports.

    Laser SE
    metafox - 2nd February 2001

    Here is a special version of Laser:
    I used Hiryu, a frontend for Calice, and loved it so much I changed my emulator to be compliant with it. :)

    This special release has dummy drivers and screen shots for the games - I may actually adopt the Calice DRV system - it makes it easier for people to add to it. I'm not sure though - as the other emulators that use the driver systems are not open sourced, and Laser is - so, if people wanted to add games to it they could just modify the source.

    Pay no attention to the calice.exe file - I had to rename laser.exe so it would work with Hiryu.

    Here are all the changes that I can remember:
  • Added Ozma Wars
  • Added Solar Fight
  • Added Space Phantoms
  • Added Star Wars
  • Space Chaser is now fully playable
  • Lupin III is now fully playable
  • Sound is now enabled by default, use -nosound to turn it off
  • Joystick is also enabled by default, use -nojoy to turn it off
    Enjoy :)

    Laser's 1st Birthday
    metafox - 30th January 2001

    It is Laser's 1st birthday today.

    First off, I would like to thank Mike Green, for Laser would never have been possible without him. I'd also like to thank Bart Trzynadlowski for the support and great help. I would also like to thank Domenico Dato the super porter for porting Laser to Linux, BeOS and WinCE, and Atani for porting Laser to Win32. And of course, I would also like to thank every one who supported Laser. Thanks for sticking with me. 2001 will be an even better year for Laser.

    It was exactly one year ago that I posted the first version of Laser at Zophar's Domain. It was a slightly modified version of Mike Green's SinVader emulator - Laser displayed the invaders in all white, SinVader displayed it in all green. It only ran Space Invaders, and it did so slowly.

    Well, after one year, it has certainly come a long way - and it has a long way to go.

    I will be posting a new version of Laser - which will be the last "8080 only" release of Laser. More games will be playable soon. Until then look at the releases page - it includes every release of Laser so you can see first hand how far it progressed :)

    Laser 0.9 for WinCE
    metafox - 30th October 2000

    Domenico Dato has done it again! He has ported Laser to WinCE for the Compaq IPAQ. It supports all the 15 games from Laser 0.9, as well as sound!

    Laser 0.10 for DOS and 0.9 for BeOS
    metafox - 6th August 2000

    I'll be moving to California, and I won't have internet access, so this is my last update for a while. But here's a going away present for you:
    Laser 0.10 has been released! Go to the Releases section to get it, and to see what's new.

    Domenico Dato has ported Laser to BeOS! The binary has been added to the Releases page. The source will come later.

    Laser32 0.9
    metafox - 3rd August 2000

    Atani has just ported Laser to Win32! The binary has been added to the Releases page.

    Laser 0.9 for Linux metafox - 1st August 2000

    Domenico Dato has ported Laser to Linux! The binary and source has been added to the Releases page.

    Laser 0.9
    metafox - 31st July 2000

    Laser 0.9 has been released. Go to the Releases section to get it, and to see what's new.

    More WIP News
    metafox - 30th July 2000

    More success - I now have the game 'Laser' working, among other games. :)
    Check out the Work In Progress Page for more information.

    More WIP News and a New Feature
    metafox - 29th July 2000

    I have made some more progress on Laser in regards to Midway 8080 games, and I have added a new feature. Check out the Work In Progress Page for more news on that.

    Laser 0.4 metafox - 1st April 2000

    As promised, I have a new version of my arcade emulator, Laser, for you today.

    It now has the beginnings of Multi-game support since Space Invaders, Super Earth Invasion, and Space Invaders (Taito) are now supported.

    I wanted to add more clones, but due to time constraints to get the version out on time, they were not added - expect more in the next release. :)

    New Laser Coming Tomorrow metafox - 31st March 2000

    After getting four releases in three days when I first created Laser, as of tomorrow it will be two months to the day since I last released a new version of Laser.

    So, to compensate, I'll be releasing a new version tomorrow as a special treat. And I promise it's not an April Fool's joke. ;)

    Laser 0.3 metafox - 1st February 2000

    Four updates in three days! :)

    I have started to add sound support. It is crude, not accurate, and not complete. I will probally use samples like MAME does.

    I am also currently working on switching to Neil Bradley's Z80 core for a much needed speed boost.

    Laser 0.2a metafox - 31st January 2000

    A bugfix version of my Space Invaders emulator for DOS has been released that fixes a bug that caused the joystick button to stay down, preventing keyboard usage.

    Laser 0.2 metafox - 31st January 2000

    Just some minor source code changes.

    Thanks to Bart Trzynadlowski who e-mailed me about a more efficient way to display the sprites, which resulted in a smaller file size and possibly a minor speed increase.

    Laser 0.1 metafox - 30th January 2000

    I have released my first attempt at an emulator: Lopantu's Arcade System Emulator Release 0.1.

    It is based on SinVader by Mike Green, with permission. I have plans for it to be a multiple arcade game emulator, but right now it just runs Space Invaders really slowly. It has one player joystick support, but does not have sound yet.